As per the latest weather update, PAGASA advises the persistence of the southwest monsoon (Habagat) that is enhanced by two low-pressure areas. One LPA over the West Philippine Sea (likely to develop into a tropical cyclone as it moves towards Vietnam) and another one east of Luzon (less likely to develop into a TC in the next 24 hours).
All local disaster unit are advised to monitor the following areas:

Flood-prone areas:
1. communities near the river channels for possible river flooding and/or flash flooding;
2. coastal areas prone to coastal flooding;
3. low-lying areas and/or areas with poor or lack drainage system that may serve as catchment basin; and
4. areas with previous flooding incidents for possible recurrence.

Landslide-prone areas:
1. areas with unstable and steep slopes including, but not limited to, unstable roadcuts;
2. slopes composed of weak materials such as thick soil overburden and heavily fractured rocks;
3. communities at the foot of a steep slope and mountainous areas; and
4. areas with previous landslide incidents for possible recurrence

July 10, 2022