APRIL 30, 2014

formation of tension cracks at the slope1-3

On March 7, 2014 MGB IV-A issued a Stoppage Order directing Hardrock Aggregates, Inc. to stop its quarrying operation in Brgy. Cupang, Antipolo City, Rizal until the overburden materials that silted a portion of nearby Kaybibit River are removed and proper mitigating measures are established to prevent recurrence of the same particularly at the perimeter of the area affected by its operation.

On April 11, 2014 the team composed of technical personnel from MGB IV-A, Rizal Provincial Government, and the City Government of Antipolo validated the activities implemented by HAI particularly the clearing and removal of overburden materials that silted a portion of Kaybibit River and the Company’s Waste Dump Slope Stabilization per request of the company. It was found out during inspection that removal of overburden materials from the river was accomplished, but as the installation of the protective boulder lining along the affected river embankment which required a wide base has somehow narrowed the width of the riverbed, HAI was advised to realign this boulder lining to retain the original width of the riverbed.

In a letter dated April 22, 2014, HAI informed MGB IV-A that they had already reconstructed the boulder pile protection to widen the river channel width to an average of about 10 meters and subsequently reconstructed the slope benches due to said realignment of boulder pile protection.

The same team conducted validation/verification of the reported implementations on April 29, 2014 and found that the Kaybibit River embankment boulder lining protection was already realigned to provide uniform river channel width in line with the unaffected/original river embankment and that the configuration of the slope benches was adjusted to conform with this realignment. However, the team had observed that the lower two (2) slope benches adjacent to the river embankment boulder lining protection have tension cracks that indicate instability. HAI was advised to address the tension cracks/instability problem to prevent recurrence of soil movement into Kaybibit River. With the said findings, the Stoppage Order for the quarrying operation of HAI is still enforced.