On November 14 and 16, 2018, the Stakeholders’ Meeting for the 5-Year Social Development Management Program (SDMP) Planning was conducted by Gozon Development Corporation (GDC) and Island Quarry and Aggregates Corporation (IQAC) at the Boso-Boso Highlands Resort and Hotel and Solid Cement Training Room, respectively.

Barangay sectoral representatives appointed by virtue of barangay council resolutions, namely: The Barangay Council, Elderly, Women, Youth, Health, Education, Persons with Disabilities, and Religious Sectors joined the said meeting. Participants were divided into groups representing the following sectors: Education, Health, Livelihood, Infrastructure, and Development. Both sessions began with a discussion on Social Development Management Program and presentation of previous SDMP Projects of Gozon Development Corporation and Island Quarry and Aggregates Corporation.

Communities that participated were the host and neighboring communities – for the GDC Stakeholders Meeting were representatives from barangay San Jose, while representatives from barangays San Luis and San Jose attended for the IQAC Stakeholders Meeting.


Mr. Sonny Villar, Chief, Social Development Section, discussing the SDMP

Brainstorming and discussion of possible SDMP Projects for the host community

Presentation of possible SDMP Projects to the mining operation

By: Philippe Michael T. Granada     |       13 December 2018