Mandatory Requirements
  1. Application Letter.
  2. Filing Fee (PhP20.00/ha. but not less than PhP50,000.00).
  3. MPSA  Application.
  4. For corporation/partnership/association/ cooperative: SEC/CDA – certified Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation/ Partnership/Association and By-Laws; or a Certification from MGB CO/RO concerned that such documents are duly registered in that Office.
    (note: with minimum authorized capital of P10M and paid-up capital of P2.5M)
  5. Location Map/Sketch Plan (1:50,000 NAMRIA topographic map) showing coordinates/boundaries (in tabulated form) with major environmental features/other projects (prepared, sealed and signed by a deputized Geodetic Engineer).
  6. Proof of technical competence in the form of:
    1. Bio-data and track records in mining operations/ environmental management.
    2. Sworn commitment of the technical person(s) who will undertake the implementation of the Work Programs
  7. Proof of financial capability in the form of:
    1. For Individuals:
      • Statement of assets & liabilities duly sworn in accordance with existing laws.
      • Latest Income Tax Return.
      • Credit lines/bank guarantees/ deposits of at least P2.5M.
    2. For corp./partnership/association/ cooperative:
      • Latest audited Financial Statements.
      • Annual Report for the preceding year.
      • Credit lines/bank guarantees/ deposits.
  8. Verification of ore reserve.
  9. One (1) Year Work Program.
  10. Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program.
  11. Social Development and Management Program.
  12. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).
  13. Certificate of Satisfactory Environmental Management and Community Relations Record.
  14. Area Status and Clearance.
  15. Certification from the Panel of Arbitrators concerned/MAB.
  16. NCIP Certification Precondition.
  17. Endorsement of the Sanggunian concerned.
  18. MGB – registered Secretary’s Certificate attesting to a Board Resolution authorizing the President to sign and execute documents in connection with the MPSA/SMP application.
  19. Other document(s) that may be required.