In the CALABARZON mining sector, the province of Rizal contributed the greatest percentage of total output value among the five provinces in the area, accounting for a hefty 82% of total output value.  Batangas came in second with 15%, followed by Quezon with 3% then, Cavite and Laguna with a trivial share (Figure 1).

Figure 1. CALABARZON Industrial Mineral Production Value by Province CY 2021

In CY 2021, Basalt ranked first among the 13 classified commodities being produced in the CALABARZON region, accounting for 57% of the total attributed industrial mineral output value.  Limestone came in second with 18%, followed by aggregates and silica at 6%, pozzolan and gabbro at 4%, filling materials at 3%, volcanic tuff at 1%, and modest contributions from commodities like Sand and Gravel, Shale, Boulder, Marbleized limestone, and Marine Aggregates, accordingly (Figure 2).

Figure 2. CALABARZON Industrial Mineral Production Value by Commodity CY 2021

Moreover, the province of Rizal is the region’s largest and lone producer of Basalt. Rizal is also the largest of the two limestone producers, with Batangas coming in second (Table 1).

Table 1.        CALABARZON Industrial Mineral Production Value by Largest Produced Commodity (Basalt/Limestone) CY 2021

28 April 2022