A seminar/workshop on the Legal Information System on Data Migration – Phase I for cases filed before the Panel of Arbitrators was conducted by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Central Office on July 10 – 12, 2019 at the Eurotel, North EDSA, Quezon City. The attendees were primarily composed of Information Technology Specialists per region, Records Custodian – Panel of Arbitrators, and Technical Members from Panel of Arbitrators, all of which were represented by Jean Pauline O. Ventolero, Maria Lourdes O. Griarte and Norberto L. Manlapas, Jr. of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region IV CALABARZON, respectively.

The subject workshop had four primary objectives: (a) Automated data entry, (b) MGB Online Report System, (c) Dashboard for office level and management level, and (d) Linkages to Other application.

The participants were required to submit issues and the statuses of cases pending before the Panel of Arbitrators (PA) and Mines Adjudication Board (MAB) for purposes of scanning/digitization of files/records thereof.  All cases filed before the PA were identified and categorized as: Pending, Resolved, Dismissed, Final and Executory or with Appeal. Mr. Julius R. Broñoso from the Planning, Policy and International Affairs Division (PPIAD)-ISG gave insight on the migration/data entry of scanned/digitized records.

Major activities covered by the subject activity were the assignment of attributes per document that was digitized/scanned. Each file was assigned with a denomination, remarks (describing a brief description of the scanned file), and date of filing before the PA case number, parties involved, and type of pleadings, among others. Further, each document scanned was also added with additional security features by adding watermark and a QR code in each page of the document to enhance its integrity and security, as pointed out by Atty. Danilo U. Uykieng, Assistant Director during previous LEGIS workshop in Baguio City.

The preceding was presented to Atty. Uykieng whereby each Regional Offices from Region CAR to Region 13 presented the current status of PA cases that were migrated into the database.  During previous workshop, six (6) cases were migrated to the database (one (1) Final and Executory, one (1) Withdrawn, and four (4) Pending). For this workshop, Region IV CALABARZON’s representatives had successfully submitted six (6) additional cases (Pending) for migration to the database – complete with attributes. The said region had a total of 46 cases before the PA in which 14 are Final and Executory, 10 are Pending, 11 Resolved, four (4) Dismissed and seven (7) have an Appeal filed before the MAB. The remaining cases were to be digitized/scanned and scheduled to be submitted on or before July 19, 2019. Further, all pages of documents were also scheduled to be fortified with security features.

Representatives from the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) commended the advanced initiative by the Legal Division.  A proposal for additional budget and its justifications were discussed before the body.

All the scanned documents will be uploaded in the central database of MGB Central Office in which that public can read view with restrictions in the future.

Photo 1. All participants with the organizers of the seminar/workshop on the Legal Information System on Data Migration – Phase I.

Photo 2. MGB IV CALABARZON representatives with the organizers and Assistant Director Atty. Danilo U. Uykieng from the MGB Central Office.

by: Engr. Patrizia S. Benedicto                    |                31 July 2019