Landslide warnings up at Sitio Dau, Brgy. Laiya-Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas after a team of MGB RO No. IV-CALABARZON’s geologists led by Supervising Geologist Fidel R. Zepeda together with Mr. Alen Clyde A. Canlas and Ms. Franzelle Alaine A. Empig, noted an impending threat of landslide thereat.

Based on the results of the assessment conducted on 20-21 January 2022, it is surmised that progressive slumping is ensuing as evidenced by (a) tension crack observed near the top of the minor scarp, (b) weathered surface of the landslide escarpment, and (c) presence of seepages where the landslide occurred.

Slumping typically involves unconsolidated earth materials that may be triggered by heavy downpour which hastens water infiltration to the ground. As such, a downslope movement of unconsolidated earth materials on a curved surface can be observed due to ground saturation.

As a consequence, a landslide threat advisory was issued to avert untoward incidents as the eventual landslide may pose danger to people’s lives and damage to properties. Residents dwelling near the identified hazard zones have been advised to take precautionary measures, to remain vigilant, and to promptly report to the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office if there is any development or progression of tension cracks within the area and its immediate vicinity.

Other recommendations include installation of warning signages and distribution of geological hazard maps to local government units as bases for the formulation of disaster resilience programs and contingency plans.

In a disaster-prone country like the Philippines, conscientious preparation for disasters can significantly curtail loss and destructions from natural hazards. Hence, MGB RO No. IV CALABARZON will step up our efforts, strive more at the forefront, and enjoin everyone to take an upbeat stance in disaster risk reduction.

Residential structures (outlined in yellow) are situated approximately 3 meters from the crown of the slump.


The crown (lined with yellow) and the main scarp produced after the slump.


Tension crack (circled in yellow) observed near the top of the minor scarp which could be indicative of progressive slumping.

By : Alen Clyde A. Canlas & Engr. Ma. Angelica Borcelis      |        31 January 2022