In an effort to strengthen the geosciences programs of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), Geologists and GIS Specialists of MGB IV CALABARZON participated in the annual five-day workshop virtually hosted by MGB Central Office through the Lands Geological Survey Division (LGSD) from February 7 to February 11, 2022.

The 2022 Virtual Geoscience Workshop is an avenue for Geologists and GIS Specialists, both from the MGB CO and all the Regional Offices, to freely discuss, standardize, and update the various activities and methodologies being utilized by MGB for its geosciences programs namely: 1) National Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program, 2) National Geologic Quadrangle Mapping Program, 3) National Groundwater Resource and Vulnerability Assessment, and 4) National Mineral Reservation Program. The workshop also serves as a stage to share knowledge on recent innovations in geosciences and form comprehensive agreements between MGB offices. For this year, the workshop goes back to the presentation of all the MGB geosciences programs through plenary sessions as opposed to having parallel sessions for each program as practiced in the previous iterations of the workshop to allow each participant to be aware of the present status and updates of all the MGB geosciences programs irrespective of their positions and assigned sections.

With the overwhelming attendance of participants from different parts fo the country the workshop is deemed as a success as all the objectives of the workshop were met and agreements were made on the implementation of the MGB geosciences programs for CY 2022 and onwards. However, there will always be room for improvement in the successful implementation of the MGB geosciences programs, and MGB IV CALABARZON will continue to be at the forefront in pioneering innovative methods and research that will further improve the quality of the geosciences programs being implemented by MGB towards a better appreciation of how geosciences can help in nation-building.

MGB IV Geologists attending the plenary session during the first day of the workshop

Geologists of MGB IV attending one of the breakout sessions of the workshop discussing the National Geologic Quadrangle Mapping Program of MGB

Screen capture of one of the discussions during the 2022 Virtual Geoscience Workshop

By : Alen Clyde A. Canlas          |    16 February 2021