In compliance with the Memorandum dated December 2, 2020, wherein the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Director ordered/delegated to the Regional Director the issuance of the temporary suspension of all quarry and crushing plant operations in Rizal Province within the coverage of Marikina River Basin which river system drains toward the Marikina River, the quarrying and crushing plant operations under the following Mineral Contracts/Permits are ordered temporarily suspended:

A. Mineral Production Sharing Agreement

1. MPSA No. 070-97-IV of Asencio-Pinzon Aggregates Corp. (APAC);
2. MPSA No. 136-99-IV of San Rafael Development Corp. (SRDC);
3. MPSA No. 239-2007-IV of Montalban Millex Aggregates Corp. (MMAC);
4. MPSA No. 202-2004-IV of Hardrock Aggregates, Inc. (HAI);
5. MPSA Nos. 064-96-IV, 075-97-IV and 088-97-IV of Rapid City Realty and Development Corporation (RCRDC);

B. Mineral Processing Permit

1. MPP No. 2017-002-IVA of Oxford Mines, Inc. (OMI);
2. MPP No. 2018-001-IVA of Viba Aggregates & Marketing (VAM);
3. MPP No. 2018-003-IVA of Amiterra Aggregates Corp. (AAC);
4. MPP No. 2019-002-IVA of Dream Rock Resources Phils., Inc. (DRRPI);
5. MPP No. 2019-003-IVA of Superior Aggregates, Inc.; and
6. MPP No. 2020-001-IV of ATN Holdings, Inc. (AHI).

The listed permits shall remain suspended until a joint assessment with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Composite Team has been completed and the cause of flooding in San Mateo and Rodriguez, Rizal and in Marikina City during Typhoon Ulysses on November 12, 2020 has been identified.

Signed copy of Memorandum Order No. 1

By : Engr. Patrizia S. Benedicto    |     4 December 2020