by: Philippe Michael Granada                                      June 14, 2017

The MGB staff composed of Ms. Maria Lourdes Griarte, Ms. Bernadette Fernandez, and Ms. Jean Ventolero attended the Legal Information System(LegIS) Training on April 3-7, 2017 at Icon Hotel, Quezon City. Before the training proper, Undersecretary and Concurrent MGB Director Mario Luis J. Jacinto gave an inspirational talk, followed by the Welcome Remaks given by Atty. Danilo U. Uykieng, Assistant Director of Mines and Geosciences Bureau – Central Office.

The discussion started with Atty. Maria Theresa Libunao, Vice President of CS ASIA On-line Publications, giving an update on the online e-library, particularly on Search Technique, which was followed by an open forum facilitated by the Legal Service Division Staff. It was then succeeded by the discussion and introduction of the Legal Information System (LegIS), which included the validation of legal work flow, organized common process, identification of issues and concerns, critique initial LegIS, the hands-on experience, improvements, address simple issues and generate report output vis a vis existing record maintenance, system procedure per office, and system users. It was also mentioned that LegIS only covers cases under the Panel of Arbitrators, Mines Adjudication Board, Writ of Kalikasan, and common documents. Also, activities were initiated by the facilitators in order to give the participants a hands-on training – Demonstration of how the procedure of LegIS works, and the Legal Overview, Legal Procedure, Document Preparation and Digitization Activities.

The LegIS Program aims to provide the people and other stakeholders access to library of cases and decisions brought thru the Panel of Arbitrators, Mines Adjudication Board and Writ of Kalikasan. It also aims to provide a relief on the processing and procedures during filing of protest/oppositions/complaints and create a smooth workflow and unity for all the Regional Offices/Central Office in the decision making.