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 The newly deputized DENROs composed of LGUs and CSOs of Atimonan, Quezon, together with MGB-IVA personnel

A total of forty six (46) officials/personnel of the Local Government Units (LGUs) of  Atimonan, Quezon and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)/Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) were deputized by MGB-IVA Regional Director Samuel T. Paragas as Deputy Environment and Natural Resources Officers, for Mines to apprehend offenders and confiscate illegally sourced minerals including tools/equipment and conveyances used in the commission of offense.

Prior to the issuance of Deputation Order, the team  composed of Engr. Aristeo A. Quindoza, Engr.III and Ms. Maria Lourdes O. Griarte, Mining Claims Examiner III of MGB IVA proceeded to Atimonan, Quezon on February 17-18, 2016 to conduct lectures /orientation on proper deputation procedures to Local Government Units (LGUs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), formerly called Non- Government Organization (NGOs) of Atimonan, Quezon. Present during the dialogue/IEC were the Honorable Mayor, Vice Mayor  and Members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Atimonan.

Other topics include the mining policies, rules and regulations as provided under DENR Administrative Order ( DAO) No. 2010-21, the implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of R.A. 7942, otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 and matters on Geohazards (landslide and flooding) identified in the province of Quezon.

Engr. Aristeo A. Quindoza presented and discussed in power point the pertinent provisions of R. A. 7942 and its IRR as follows:

  • The stages of Mining Operation
  • The acquisition of Mining Rights /Tenements
  • Mining Tenements/Permits issued by the National Government
  • Mining Tenements/Permits issued by the Local Government Units (LGU thru the Provincial Mining Regulatory Board.
  • Environmental and Social Provisions
  • Given emphasis were the types of permits being issued by the LGUs  (Provincial Governor) thru the recommendation of the PMRB. It consists of Industrial Sand and Gravel Permits for loose unconsolidated materials and Quarry Permit for in-situ deposit such as basalt, andesite and other construction/ filling materials. The corresponding sand and gravel tax or excise tax for quarry materials due to concerned municipality was likewise presented.
  • A very short presentation on landslide and flooding was also presented He defined the meaning of geohazards which are naturally occurring geological phenomena that posed danger to people’s lives, properties, infrastructures and communities. These include landslide, flooding and subsidence.  However, in some cases, geohazards can also be induced by human activities. He emphasized that geohazards cannot be totally prevented but their impact on people and the environment may be lessened or mitigated.

Ms. Ma. Lourdes O. Griarte emphasized on the proper procedure on apprehension and confiscation procedures on illegally-sourced minerals/ mineral products including tool/s equipment and conveyances used in the commission of the offense within their territorial and administrative jurisdiction.

Question and answer portion/open forum followed after the presentation and were readily answered by the presentors.

The dialogue/communication, education and public awareness yielded productive discussions and the participants acknowledged the learnings and insights they have acquired from the presentations conducted.

Certificates of attendance were awarded to successful participants. Corresponding Order of Deputation and identification cards (I.Ds) as Deputy Environment & Natural Resources Officer for Mines were issued by the Regional Director on February 18, 2016.