By: Emilio R. Ramos         June 12, 2016

MGB IV-A which was represented by Engr. Emilio R. Ramos, Mr. Dondi M. Sarmiento, Ms. Socorro P. Hernandez and Ms. Ma. Lourdes O. Griarte, attended the Training Seminar for MGB Legal and Technical Personnel on Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases and How to be a Competent Witness in Court held on June 7-11, 2016 at Sunrise Holiday Mansion Royal, Tagaytay Estates, Tagaytay City. The said training seminar was also attended by legal and technical personnel from the MGB-Central and Regional Office. RD Samuel T. Paragas of MGB IV-A in behalf of MGB director Leo L. Jasareno delivered the keynote address.


Hereunder were the following topics discussed, to wit:

  • Mining in the Philippines by Engr. Larry M. Heradez
  • Rules of Procedures on Environmental Cases by Justice Herman R. Cimafranca, Associate Solictor General, OSG
    • Part I – General Provisions
    • Part II – Civil Procedure
      • Rule 2 – Pleadings and Parties
      • Rule 4 – Trial
      • Rule 5 – Judgement and Execution
      • Rule 6 – Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
    • Part III – Special Cases Actions
      • Rule 7 – Writ of Kalikasan
      • Rule 8 – Writ of Continuing Mandamus22
  • Continuation of Rules and Procedure on Environmental Cases as discussed also by Justice Cimafranca lieu of Justice Magtanggol M. Castro
    • Part IV – Criminal Procedure
    • Part V – Evidence
  • Judicial Affidavit Rule by State Solicitor (SS) SHaron Millan-Decano
  • Expert Witness from the Stand-Point of the Counsel by Judge Silvino T. Pampilo, Jr. of Branch 026, Regional Trial Court, Metro Manila includes the following:
    • What is an Examination Before Trial
    • How to Prepare a Court Witness
    • What is Self Incrimnation
    • How do Counsel found an Expert Witness
    • What is Court Summon
    • What does an Interrogator Do
    • What is a Court Expert Witness
    • What is a Legal Expert Witness
  • The Participants were also divided into three (3) groups and each group presented a mock trial, the objective of which is to experience a practice court appearance as witness. A simulation on how to appear in the witness stand for Judicial Affidavit and Cross Examination.

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