By EMIL RAMOS              MAY 19, 2016


Mines Adjudication Board and Panel of Arbitrators 4th Seminar/ Workshop Participants

MGB IV-A Panel of Arbitrators and support personnel attended the Mines Adjudication Board and Panel of Arbitrators 4th Seminar/Workshop on Mining Conflict/Dispute Resolution at Citystate Asturias Hotel in Puerto Princesa City on April 19-22, 2016. MGB IV-A Panel of Arbitrators was represented by Atty. Marlou P. Alutaya, the Panel’s Acting Chairman, Atty. Fernando S. Belandres, Engr. Emilio R. Ramos, legal/technical members and support staff/personnel namely Ma. Lourdes O. Griarte and Johnny B. de Manuel.

MGB IV-A Panel of Arbitrators and Support Staff

With the theme, “Moving Forward: Opportunities and Challenges in Dispute Resolution on Mining Conflict”, the said seminar-workshop was also attended by the lawyers and staff of the Mines Adjudication Board (MAB), Panel of Arbitrators (PoA), and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Topics discussed/presented were the following, to wit:

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MGB IV-A Panel of Arbitrators and Support Staff

  1. Summary of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Seminar Workshop
  2. Presentation of Accomplishment/Status Report (1996 to date): Identification of Issues and Gaps in the Non-Accomplishment of Targets
  3. 2017 Work and Financial Plan (Output of the April 5-9, 2016 Budget Workshop [Detailed Work Activities, Target and Unit Cost: Travel and Training Plan; Project Procurement Management Plan])
  4. Update on the New Mining Policy/Issuances
  5. Finalization of the Proposed Amended Rules of Procedures
  6. Drafting and Finalization of the Resolution adopting the “Proposed Amended Rules of Procedures”
  7. Inputs/Annotations on the Supreme Court Decisions: Re: Compilation/Compendium of MAB Decisions: A Book Project
  8. Innovation: In-house Development of the MAB Panel ISSP Information System and Orientation/Training in the Administration of the MGB Central Database
  9. Objective Setting/Expectation in the 5th Seminar Workshop

MGB IV-A and IV-B Panel of Arbitrators and Support Staff together with Atty. Anthony Raymond Valicaria of DENR-CO and MGB Secretariat