On September 29 – October 1, with the issuance of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Memorandum Circular No. 2021-006 re: Safety and Health, Environment, and Social Development (SHES) Manual dated July 1, 2021, MGB IV CALABARZON, in collaboration with MGB Central Office, conducted an orientation/seminar on the 2021 SHES Manual.

Participants of the said seminar include personnel from the Mine Safety and Health, Environment, and Social Development Divisions of various MGB Offices in the Philippines.

The SHES Manual serves as the guide for Mining Contractors/Permit Holders/Permittees in the development and implementation of specific SHES Management practices during the stages of mineral exploration, mining and mineral processing projects. It includes guidelines for the implementation of and annotated outline for the preparation of the SHES programs and plans. These guidelines are and outlines are to be utilized by all Mining Operations, the MGB Central Office and Regional Offices for the preparation, review, evaluation and approval of the SHES plan and programs.

The Roll-out Orientation/Seminar for Mining Contractors/Permit Holders/Permittees in CALABARZON was conducted on October 6-7, 2021 for Environmental Work Program, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program, Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Plan, while the Safety and Health Program and Social Development and Management Program will be on October 20-21, 2021.

By : Engr. Philippe Michael Granada                            |                18 October 2021