For the year 2021, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Region IV CALABARZON conducted a series of Groundwater Resource and Vulnerability Assessments in Pila Watershed which covers the municipalities of Nagcarlan, Santa Cruz, Pila and Victoria, all located in the province of Laguna. The assessments included groundwater well and spring inventory, in-situ water quality testing, water sampling for laboratory analysis, and georesistivity surveys. The technical personnel of the MGB were assisted by members from the various local government units and by the representatives from their respective water service providers.

Photo 1. Spring located in Barangay San Francisco, Nagcarlan, Laguna. Springs are the main source of water in the municipality. The water that flows is continuous, even during summer.

Photo 2. The technical personnel of the MGB IV CALABARZON conducting a georesistivity survey in Santa Cruz, Laguna.

Photo 3. Mr. Alen Clyde Canlas, Geologist, and Mr. Perlito Angeles, Supervising Geologist, measuring the groundwater level from a shallow groundwater well in Pila, Laguna using ALFA WL-100 Type 2-B Water Level Meter.

Photo 4. Ms. Kate Torrefranca, Geologist from MGB IV, conducting an in-situ water quality analysis using HANNA HI 9813-6 on a groundwater sample obtained in Victoria, Laguna.