By  PATRICK JOEFFREY B. GAVINO                       AUGUST 12, 2015

For the past several years, the Philippines has been experiencing series of catastrophic events that have caused untold damages to properties, infrastructures and even loss of lives. As part of MGB’s mission-promotion of geological studies as an integral element of environmental protection and human safety and to provide geological and geoscientific information to general public, an information education and communication campaign on geological hazards specifically rain-induced landslide and floods has been launched at the office lobby of MGB IV-A CALABARZON Office. A  T.V. monitor at the lobby features the required information.

photo 12

MGB IV-A launched its Information Drive on Geological Hazard for Visitors/Clients last August 11,  2015

This activity will boost awareness among MGB IV-A visitors, clients, permit applicants and the general public and also to enhance their understanding of natural hazards and its adverse effects to life and property.

Now waiting at the lobby of MGB IV-A has become more engaging and educational even in the absence of an actual host even just for a few minutes.

photo 22

Video presentation on “Living with Geological Hazards” is a three (3)-part presentation on Geohazards:  Reading and Understanding Geohazard Map, The Risk Management and Disaster Response, and Planning for Geohazards is continuously being shown at the lobby/waiting area of the MGB IV-A.