As a consequence of the landslide incidents in Itogon, Benguet on September 15, 2018 and Naga City, Cebu, on September 21, 2018, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued an order temporarily suspending all quarrying operations in several regions of the country. After a thorough assessment conducted by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), the DENR through the MGB issued the lifting of several suspension orders on majority of the quarrying operations in the country on Thursday, September 27, 2018.

The stoppage order of quarrying in Naga City, Cebu, however, remains in effect as a consequence of the landslide that occurred at the height of Typhoon Ompong.

DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu mentioned that MGB mining engineers and geologists were deployed to existing mining areas in their respective regions to conduct a thorough safety and geohazard assessment of communities near mining operations. The basis of the lifting of suspension orders were the result of the assessment conducted by the composite team from the concerned Regional Office.

As of October 9, 2018, companies that already resume quarry operations in Region IV CALABARZON are the following, to wit:



MPSA No. / MP No. / QP No. Location
Republic Cement and Building Materials, Inc. – Teresa, Rizal and Taysan Batangas MPSA 029-95-IV Rizal
MPSA 138-99-IV Batangas
Concrete Aggregates Corp. (Operated by Lafarge Holcim Aggregates, Inc.) MPSA 32-95-IVA Rizal
MPSA 55-96-IVA Rizal
Asencio Pinzon Aggregates Corp. (Operated by Pacific Concrete Products, Inc. and Vulcan Materials Corp.) MPSA 070-97-IV Rizal
Gozon Development Corp. MPSA 296-2009-IV Rizal
Teresa Marble Corporation MPSA 102-97-IV Rizal
MPSA 125-95-IV Amended A Rizal
Teresa Marble Corporation (Operated by Island Quarry Aggregates Corporation) MPSA 124-98-IV Rizal
Rapid City Realty and Development Corp. MPSA 064-96-IV Rizal
MPSA 088-97-IV Rizal
MPSA 075-97-IV Rizal
MPSA 087-97-IV Rizal
MPSA 074-97-IV Rizal
MPSA 118-98-IV Rizal
Island Quarry Aggregates Corp. MPSA 116-98-IV Rizal
Mining Patent No. 9 Rizal
Mining Patent No. 11 Rizal
Mining Patent No. 12 Rizal
Mining Patent No. 14 Rizal
Hardrock Aggregates Inc. MPSA 202-2004-IVA Rizal
San Rafael Development Corporation (under operating agreement with Majestic Earth Core Ventures, Inc. MPSA 136-99-IV Rizal
Montalban Millex Aggregates Corp. MPSA 239-2007-IVA Rizal
Monte Rock Corporation QP-RIZ-030D Rizal
QP-RIZ-049A Rizal
Con Rock Development Corp. QP-RIZ-25D Rizal
Biyayang Kalikasan Aggregates, Inc QP-RIZ-044A Rizal
Angelita V. Miranda QP-RIZ-055 Rizal
Burt Alvin O. Reodica QP-RIZ-057 Rizal
Herminia Estanislao QP-RIZ-048 Rizal
Norma Clavecilla-Garcia QP-RIZ-047 Rizal
Fabway Stone, Inc. QP-RIZ-056 Rizal
FS Suntan Sand Corporation IP-SAG-IVA-032 Batangas
IP-SAG-IVA-033 Batangas
IP-SAG-IVA-034 Batangas
A.C. Equities QP-RIZ-041-B Rizal
Dexter Ivan Lee QP No. 001-S-2016 Cavite
Pedro Romulo QP No. 003-S-2016 Cavite
Salome Madlangbayan QP No. 005-S-2016 Cavite
New Sea and Land Realty and Development QP-08-13 Batangas
Alejandro R. Delantar QP-LAG-014 Laguna
Romano R. Alias QP-LAG-012 Laguna
Marissa Valencia QP-LAG-013 Laguna
Canipaan Earth Resources, Inc. QP-08-18 Batangas
GQM Trading QP-05-18 Batangas
Montevil Trading QP-01-15 Batangas
Prime Rock Phil., Inc. QP-02-18 Batangas
2L Batangas Corporation QP-03-18 Batangas
Saldy Ng Sy RR-2017-05 Laguna
Eva A. Yulo ISAG-PA-LAG-030 Laguna
Bryan Laredo IP-Q-0201 Quezon
Wilfredo B. Aliling QP-04-16 Batangas
Total Quality Builders Enterprise, Inc. QP-05-16 Batangas
Ruben B. Quiniquini QP-04-18 Batangas
Rodolfo S. Pamintuan QP-10-17 Batangas
Paolo Antonio F. Tanjanco QP-Q-0056 Quezon
Cornerstone Aggregates QP-02-15 Batangas
Torreverde Corporation QP-06-17 Batangas
Mac Gregor Gawaran QP No. 006-S-2016 Cavite
Cris Pakingan QP No. 002-S-2016 Cavite
Efren J. Dones QP No. 003-S-2016 Cavite
Intermodal Bacao Dev’t Corp QP-09-17 Batangas
Narciso D. Peji QP No. 001-S-2014 Cavite
Owen Martin K. Congbalay QP No. 002-S-2014 Cavite
VPM Quarry QP-LAG-010 Laguna
Don Terio’s Quarry QP-LAG-011 Laguna
Maharlika Sam Aggregates Corp. ISAG-LAG-011 Laguna
Ben-Vil Trading Quarry QP-LAG-007-1 Laguna
Annamin P. Dosto QP No. Q-0019-Q3 Quezon
New Era Mineral Livelihood QP No. Q-0055 Quezon
La Suerte Aggregates QP No. Q-0001-Q4 Quezon

Gloria G. Liwanag

QP No. Q-0057



Meanwhile, Secretary Cimatu required the Local Government Units to review the geohazard maps provided by the MGB and use them in preparing the precautionary measures during calamities. These maps can also serve as a guide in their land use plan, especially in disaster prevention, mitigation, and response.

by: Philippe Michael Granada | 9 October 2018