Armed with the vision of determinedly seeking ways of laying the grounds for the promotion of sustainable mining, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Regional Office (RO) No. IV CALABARZON, represented by Engr. Norberto L. Manlapas, Jr., Mining Tenement Evaluation Section Chief, imparted invaluable knowledge and expertise on mineral resource management services to participants of the Capacity Building cum  Workshop on the Implementation of Environment and Natural Resources Laws on 22 February 2022 at Ciudad Christhia Resort, Municipality of San Mateo, Province of Rizal.

The said event was spearheaded by the Environmental Law Enforcement and Protection Service in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources CALABARZON Region.

Through this undertaking, the participants were able to propel themselves into higher capabilities as they took off from the grounds equipped with basic information on the following: (a) Introduction to Mining, (b) Permits and Contracts issued by the National and Local Government, (c) Prohibited Acts and Penalties of Republic Act No. 7942[1], (d) Salient Features of MGB Memorandum Circular No. 2018-01[2], and (e) Case Studies of Previous Apprehension Operations within CALABARZON.

The participants include representatives from the Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape, Kaliwa Watershed Forest Reserve, Pamitinan Protected Landscape, Hinulugang Taktak Protected Landscape, Patrol Sectors within the Rizal Province, and Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office – Rizal.

An open forum ensued after the lecture, wherein insights were shared to shed more light on the current situation faced by the mining industry. Further, the activity was able to push inclusivity and empower all and sundry to actively participate.

The Bureau’s rallying call on #ResponsibleMining anchored the fruitful talk to promote responsible stewardship of the country’s vast mineral resources. While the tasks at hand seem daunting, MGB RO No. IV CALABARZON’s fervent hope will bear much fruit with allies in promoting responsible mining as it will further strengthen the enforcement of mining laws, rules and regulations.

[1]  The Philippine Mining Act of 1995

[2] Guidelines in the Conduct of Apprehension, Seizure, Confiscation and Disposition of Illegally Sourced      Minerals/Mineral Products and By-Products, Tools, Conveyances and Equipment Used

MGB IV CALABARZON                   |             06 April 2022