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Brief History

By virtue of Presidential Decree No. 461 dated May 17, 1974, the Bureau of Mines which was under the direct supervision and control of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources was transferred to the Department of Natural Resources. It was also on this date that the Mineral Resources Decree of 1974 (P.D. 463) was issued replacing Commonwealth Act No. 137 which provided, among others, for a modernized system of the administration and disposition of mineral lands.

P.D. 463 also mandated the division of the Philippines into five (5) mineral regions administered by offices then called Mines Regional Offices (MRO) under direct supervision by the Bureau of Mines and Geosciences, Central Office. However, MRO Region IV was actually organized and started exercising its functions and authority only on October 1, 1976 with jurisdiction over mining activities (except energy) in 17 provinces comprising Region III (Central Luzon), Region IV (Southern Tagalog) and municipalities of the National Capital Region.

In 1987, a year after the EDSA Revolution, then President Corazon C. Aquino issued Executive Order No. 192 which provided for a department-wide reorganization and integration. MRO-IV was merged with other Regional Offices of the Forestry, Environment, Lands and Research Sectors of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and was then officially known as the Mines and Geosciences Development Service (MGDS) of DENR Region IV headed by a Regional Executive Director. Its jurisdiction over mining affairs was then whittled down to 11 provinces of the Southern Tagalog Region(Aurora, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Marinduque, Occidental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, Palawan, Quezon, Rizal and Romblon). And again in 1991 its jurisdiction over small-scale mining (those operations covered by P.D. 1899 and R.A. 7076) was devolved to Local Government Units (LGUs) in compliance with R.A. 7160 (the Local Government Code), although the Regional Office continue to extend technical and staff assistance to LGUs through the Provincial Regulatory Boards (PMRBs).

In January of 1994, then Secretary Angel A. Alcala signed DAO No. 230 which effected the split of DENR-IV into two Regional Offices, namely, Region IV-A covering the six (6) mainland provinces and Region IV-B over the remaining five (5) island provinces. This situation was, however, short-lived since the two sub-regional offices of MGDS including the MGB unit in NCR would later be merged and transformed to become MGB Regional Office No. IV under direct supervision and control by a now revitalized line bureau (Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Central Office) by virtue of R.A.. 7942, otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 1995. Under this latest set-up, MGB Region IV exercises administrative and financial autonomy from its former mother unit, DENR Region IV while maintaining close coordination and inter-agency relationship in pursuit of common goals, objective and concerns.

By virtue of DENR Special Order No. 2003-564 issued at the time of then DENR Secretary Elisea G. Gozun in compliance to Executive Order No. 103 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on May 17, 2002, Mines Regional Office No. IV was again split into two sub-regions known as CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) and MIMAROPA (Mindoro Occidental and Oriental, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan). At the same time, the province of Aurora was transferred from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Regional Office IV to Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Regional Office III implementing DENR Memorandum Circular No. 2002-07.

Mandate and Functions

1. Directly in charge in the administration and disposition of the country’s mineral lands and mineral resources;

2. Undertake geoscientific surveys and researches in the fields of land and marine geology, mining, mine environment, metallurgy, mineral economics, and mine geodetic surveys;

3. Recommends to the Secretary the granting of Mineral Agreements and endorses to the Secretary, for approval by the President, the granting of Financial or Technical Assistance Agreements (FTAA);

4. Provide laboratory and other technical services to the public and other government entities;

5. Provide technical assistance to local government units in their performance of devolved functions on small-scale mining and quarry/sand and gravel mining operations;

6. Provide staff support and technical advisory to the Office of the Secretary on mining and geology matters; and

7. Acts as Secretariat to the Mines Adjudication Board (MAB).

Office of the Regional Director. The Office of the Regional Director shall implement at the regional level the pertinent laws, policies, rules and regulations and programs; exercise the management functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling; undertake Information, Education and Communication campaign; and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or delegated by the Director.

Mine Management Division. The Mine Management Division (MMD) shall undertake initial evaluation of mining and mining-related applications, monitoring of the disposition and utilization of mineral lands and resource, and survey of mineral lands.

Mining Environment and Safety Division. The Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division (MSESDD) shall conduct the evaluation and monitoring of implementation of programs and investigate incidents/complaints on mine safety and health, environmental management and social development.

Geosciences Division. The Geosciences Division (GD) shall undertake land and marine geoscientific surveys (including mineral exploration, geological mapping, geohazard assessment, groundwater resource exploration and vulnerability assessment, and engineering geological and geo-environmental studies) and provide geological laboratory and information services

Finance and Administrative Division. The Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) shall provide general administrative services pertaining to human and financial resources and property and records management.


The MGB, as steward of the country’s mineral resources, is committed to the promotion of sustainable mineral resources development, aware of its contribution to national economic growth and countryside community development. It fully recognizes that the development of a responsive policy framework in partnership with stakeholders to govern mineral exploration, mining and investment decisions and an effective institutional structure, are fundamental requisites for the sustainable utilization of the country’s mineral resources. It is adherent to the promotion of geological studies as an integral element of socio-economic development, environmental protection and human safety. Yet, it is sensitive to the known environmental impacts of mining and the need for restoration and rehabilitation of mining affected areas and the development and adoption of environmental and geoscientific technologies.


MGB envisions a minerals industry that is not only prosperous but also socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, with broad community and political support while positively and progressively assisting in government’s program on poverty alleviation and contributing to the general economic well being of the nation.

MGB also aims to be the leading Geoscience and Georesources Bureau serving the public and nation with scientific reliability.


To realize its vision for the industry, MGB subscribes to the core requirements of Sustainable Development as applied to mining and geoscience:

● Protection and rehabilitation of the environment;

● Promotion of social and community stability;

● Preservation of options for future generations; and

● Competitive and prosperous mining industry


OIC, Regional Director
Tel. No.: (02) 5310-8897
Email: region4a@mgb.gov.ph

Chief, Mine Management Division
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Email : mmd.region4a@gmail.com

Chief, Mine Safety Environment and Social Development Division
Tel. No. : (02) 5310-1544
Email : mems.mgbivcala@gmail.com

OIC, Geosciences Division (GSD)
Tel. No.: (02) 5310-8781
Email: gsd.region4a@outlook.com

Chief, Finance & Administrative Division (FAD)
Tel. No.: (02) 5310-8735
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