MAY 13, 2014

mgb calabarzon conducts investigation on san mateo residents complaintConrock personnel recover the eroded soil materials during field validation conducted by MGB IV-A and PMRB

Personnel from the Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division (MSESDD) of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region IV-A together with the staff of the Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB) of Rizal conducted field investigation on April 2, 2014 to verify the complaint raised by the residents of Upper Patiis, Barangay Malanday, San Mateo, Rizal regarding the alleged erosion of stripped overburden materials that occurred during one of the road development activities inside the quarry permit area of Conrock Development Corporation (CDC). The incident had reportedly affected the gully where a fracture spring was the residents’ source of domestic water.

Ocular inspection of the area revealed that there was indeed erosion during the construction of access road leading to the upper portion of the quarry. The company has immediately done rehabilitation and protection measures thru sand bagging and piling along unstable portions of the slope to minimize the risk of erosion. Water pipelines were already extended several meters uphill away from the affected area to prevent contamination of the residents’ source of domestic water.

MGB CALABARZON noted that the method of sand bagging the eroded materials and utilizing them as retaining wall is not sufficient in the long term to abate further erosion of the area. The company was directed to refrain from further road development until the eroded materials are immediately removed from the affected gully and until more effective and long term mitigating measures are established.