By: Engr. Krizia Ann P. Alberto               October 5, 2016

An investigation was conducted on September 19, 2016 to address the letter-complaints of Mr. Antonio Y. Pinzon, President of Asensio-Pinzon Aggregates Corporation (APAC), and Mr. Dexter F. Pelias, General Manager of Vulcan Materials Corporation (Vulcan), requesting an investigation on the alleged illegal stripping activity operated by Radthien Builders Company (Radthien) within MPSA-070-97-IV of APAC. As per result of the investigation, a Cease and Desist Order dated September 20, 2016 was issued to Radthien Builders Company.


Photo No 1. Engr. Krizia Alberto of MGB IV-A conducted an interview with Mr. Ryanl Ybañez (Pink Shirt) and Mr. Eulogio Dapitan (Orange Shirt).

As per plotting, the subject area is within Lot No. 19 of MPSA-070-97-IV of APAC. The disturbed area is approximately one (1) hectare. A backhoe was operating on the subject area and various heavy equipment, dump trucks and screen owned by Radthien were noted during the conduct of the investigation. As per the complainants, said activity was allegedly authorized by Mr. Manuel Asensio III, Chairman of APAC. Present during the investigation were Mr. Ryan Ybañez, caretaker of Radthien, and Mr. Eulogio Dapitan, he claimed to be the authorized representative of Mr. Asensio III. As per Mr. Ybañez, Mr. Asensio III, Chairman of APAC, and Radthien entered a contract to develop the area for housing.

The stripped overburden materials are being donated to certain individuals. Also, the development/activity in the area started about two (2) months ago. Furthermore, Mr. Asensio III gave an authority to Radthien to develop the area. However, no contract between Radthien and Mr. Asensio III and authorization document were presented by Mr. Ybañez.

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Photo No 2. Subject area of the alleged illegal stripping activity

The operators (Radthien) failed to present a valid and existing documents for their operation. In addition, the said activity is not included in the Three(3)-Year Development/Utilization Work Program for Vulcan and/or APAC covering portion of the said MPSA