Application of Mineral Processing Permit  (AMPP)

 Mandatory Requirements in the Acceptance of Application

01) Application Form (MGB Form No. 11-02)

02) SEC-certified Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorpor

03) Location Map/Sketch Plan (1:50,000 NAMRIA topographic map) of the area of the proposed processing plant

04) Feasibility Study including work programs, plant site, mill and plant layout/design, details of technology to be employed in the proposed operation, anti-pollution devices/measures as well as the plant capacity

05) Certificate of Environmental Management and Community Relations Record (CEMCRR) or Certificate of Exemption (COE)

06) Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)

07) Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (MGB Form 16-2)

08) Final Mill Decommissioning Plan

09) Social Development and Management Program

10) Interim Importation Permit/certification from EMB on the use of chemicals (e.g. cyanide, mercury) in compliance with R.A. No. 6969

11) Brief history of applicant’s activities for the last five (5) years, if any

12) Supply Contract/Agreement with mining rights holders, if applicable

13) Proof of technical competence in the form of:

  •  Bio-data and track records in mining operations/ environmental management
  •  Sworn statement or employment contract/proof of availed service of the technical person/s who will undertake the implementation of the Work Programs

14) Proof of financial capability:

  • Latest audited Financial Statements
  • Annual Report for the preceding year
  • Credit Lines/Bank Guarantees/Deposits

15) Proof/s of payment of application fee

Additional Requirements after Acceptance of Application

01) MGB reg. Secretary’s Certificate attesting to a Board Resolution authorizing the President to sign and execute documents in connection with the MPP application

  • Project cost of > PhP500M = PhP50,000.00
  • Project cost of PhP200-500M = PhP20,000.00
  • Project cost of < PhP200M = PhP10,000.00

02) NCIP Certification Precondition

03) Proof/s of payment of FS Evaluation Fee = PhP20,000

04) Prior approval or endorsement in the form of Resolution or Certification by at least the majority of the Sanggunian concerned